"My journey with BEN ONI stems from a belief that purpose can emerge from pain and beauty from brokenness. That's why I take pride in creating jewelry that reflects the resilience and creativity of the human spirit. Before launching my brand, I struggled with unhappiness and uncertainty, unsure whether I lived in alignment with my deepest passions and callings. But through this time of trial, my love for jewelry took root and grew into something beautiful. I named my brand BEN ONI, which means 'son of my sorrow' in the Bible, to honor the transformative power of pain and the joy that can emerge from it. Every piece we create symbolizes hope, a reminder that even the darkest moments can give birth to something radiant and enduring."

- Ashley Newman, Founder and CEO


We understand the thrill of wearing a piece that looks like a splurge but isn't, and we revel in that delightful secret you might just keep to yourself.

Jewelry is personal and ever-evolving, just like our moods and interests. Our collections celebrate the multifaceted nature of every individual. Whether you gravitate towards minimalist designs, bold statements, gold, or silver, we offer choices that speak to your style.

We are committed to empowering you to experiment, express, and expand your jewelry collection without limits. In our world, affordability, and style go hand in hand. Every piece we design boosts your confidence, ensuring you shine in every pivotal moment. 


At BEN ONI, we champion authenticity and embrace the vibrant moods and imperfections that make us unique. Born out of a vision to redefine jewelry representation, we mirror the aspirations and pivotal moments of Gen-Z and Millennials transitioning into adulthood. Our pieces are more than just adornments; they're celebrations of relatability, realness, and affordability. As we journey with our community, we listen, learn, and evolve, placing our customers at the heart of our narrative. Our ambition goes beyond jewelry; we envision a global accessories brand that not only delights with style but inspires generations to pursue passion with purpose. Commitment to community growth remains paramount, with endeavors like our 2024 apprenticeship aiming to foster the next wave of creative thinkers. At our core, BEN ONI is about seeing yourself, celebrating difference, and shining in every shared moment.